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Precision Measurement Solutions For Medical and Weighing

About Us – A&D Medical is the world leader in telemedicine for clinical management, as well as a leader in connected and standalone devices for remote patient monitoring with over  5 million A&D Medical blood pressure monitors sold worldwide. We’re a trusted partner with health providers, retailers and distributors for accurate, critical measurement of health metrics.

Now, we’re bringing this expertise to a new platform: A&D WellnessConnected. WellnessConnected is the first multi-device, mobile-connected, cloud-storage health metrics monitoring platform with consumer-friendly pricing and the connectivity needed to share data with friends, families, and health providers. A&D Engineering, headquartered in San Jose, California, is a world leader in the design and production of measurement equipment.

The company’s two divisions — A&D Medical and A&D Weighing — design and manufacture precision measurement products for the health care, laboratory, and industrial markets. A&D Engineering is a wholly owned subsidiary of A&D Company Ltd. (“A&D”), a multinational measurement and control equipment manufacturer. A&D, headquartered in Japan, has operations and distribution centers in Japan, Korea, China, Europe, Great Britain, Australia, Russia, India, and North and South America. The company has more than $300 million in sales worldwide.

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