Lifetrak Zone Connected Activity and Sleep Tracker

A constant companion for better health.


Get even more insight into your health with the C410 Activity and Sleep tracker. Day and night, it’s your constant companion—counting steps, tracking distance, computing calories, measuring heart rate, and tracking your sleep/wake cycles. Best of all, it instantly transmits all of this information to the A&D Connect app, so you can easily visualize all your activity, and display daily, weekly, and monthly graphs. With powerful on-board computation and a one-year battery life, the C410 is a constant companion for better health. And with WellnessConnected, you get connected right out-of-the-box. Graph, trend, average your results, multiple users and devices. Easy reporting to your doctor or family.

Price: $99.99

C410 Lifetrack Activity and Sleep Tracker


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One Year Warranty

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  • C410
  • View data on the integrated LCD display and the A&D Connect mobile app
  • Connect to your iPhone, iPad or supported Android mobile device via Bluetooth SmartTM technology
  • Track your calories burned with Automatic Advanced Calorie tracking
  • Know how far you go with step and distance tracking
  • Reach your target heart rate with ECG Accurate Heart Rate measurement
  • Track your sleep duration and quality with automatic sleep and wake detection
  • No charging or cables required!  Keep moving with a long lasting, replaceable coin cell battery
  • Don’t let wet weather slow you down.  Water resistant to 30 meters