Healthcare Providers

Leverage A&D’s WellnessConnected platform.

A&D for Healthcare Providers

Patient health monitoring has just met game-changing economics and ease-of-use. Now, you can monitor more patients, more effectively, at prices dramatically lower than ever before. A&D’s WellnessConnected platform combines our industry-leading quality and precision with consumer-friendly price points. The system connects to your own private cloud through an easy-to-use, convenient app that runs on virtually any smartphone.


Breaking the Price Barrier

Until now, patient self-monitoring connected devices and platforms have been expensive and cumbersome to implement, significantly limiting their use in your continuum of care. Now, A&D’s WellnessConnected devices, from $79.99-99.99 suggested retail, are more affordable than traditional connected devices, and work together with the free A&D Connect app for patient tracking and cloud storage of health metrics. This enables health systems and providers to deliver state-of the-art health management at a significantly lower cost.

Redefining Ease-of-Use

Your patients will enjoy using our simple devices and streamlined user interface. They can set goals, track their progress, and share their results, all on the smartphone or tablet they’re already familiar with. Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and one-touch setup make getting started easy. And as new devices are launched, all will work together right out-of-the-box as part of the WellnessConnected system.

Seamless Connection to Patient Metrics

Coupled with our own Cloud2Cloud API, all shared data stored in the A&D secure cloud has a seamless connection to your own systems. The result? Unparalleled insight into your patients’ status—at a dramatically lower cost.