Retailers & Distributors

Offer the first complete suite of connected devices!

A&D for Retailers and Distributors

Your customers are becoming more and more interested in their own health. Standalone device sales are increasing as are connected devices. Now, you can offer the first complete suite of connected devices at very affordable prices—all from the worldwide leader in connected health and measurement.


All Key Health Metrics – One Platform

Unlike other systems that may only track a small number of biometrics, A&D’s WellnessConnected platform combines an expanding suite of key health metrics in a single platform, including weight, blood pressure, activity, and sleep. Consumers can use a single A&D WellnessConnected device with the free A&D Connect app—or use all of them for even more insight into their health.

Stand-Alone Functionality

All of A&D’s WellnessConnected devices offer complete functionality as stand-alone products, so no app is required to use them. The A&D Connect app simply unlocks more functionality in a secure platform, allowing consumers to track, visualize, set goals, and share their progress with healthcare providers.

Unique Value

Best of all, A&D’s WellnessConnected system offers devices that connect right out-of-the-box, complete with capabilities found in more expensive devices. Yet A&D Connected devices are available at prices almost anyone can afford—from $79.99-99.99 suggested retail. All from the worldwide leader in connected health.